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Quilting Plans - Setting your Quilting Goals for 2019

Welcome 2019
Welcome 2019

New Year’s day I woke at 11:00am. Not the best start to the new year so I decided to head out for a run. It was chilly but I did a 6k. “Not too shabby”, I was thinking until I realized my running app didn’t record the run... did it still count?

Of course it counts. At the beginning of 2018 I couldn’t even run 5 metres. Through slow, steady perseverance, I progressed bit by bit. As I look over my runs last year and the tiny improvements I made every week it’s amazing that they added up to where I am today.

And this is the importance of goal setting. It is so easy to get discouraged in the moment and to think ‘how does this count”. But when you document it, you can look back and see where your have been, see the progression, pumping you up for the resiliency necessary for the road still to travel.

So lets do it with our Quilting goals. I’ve said many time that quilting is a marathon hobby. It takes stamina to finish that last stitch on the binding. Or save for that quilting cruise. Documenting your goals will help you get there.

My latest Youtube is about just that. Goal setting in 4 steps

1. Dreaming

2. Evaluating

3. Eliminating

4. Executing

I have provided a couple of planning sheets for those that need them.

Please share your goals with me. I love to hear what you have planned for 2019.

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7 comentários

I set myself a goal to work on my mother’s quilts she had on the go before she passed away suddenly In 2016. Yes I have procrastinated for a few years. My first Step was to sort the quilts in their various states of completion and try to figure out which parts go with which quilt. I then ordered them by there stage of completeness. Picked one and started work. I am pleased to say by June I have finished 12 of them as well as four of my own. My mum had quilted for over 35 years so there are plenty more UFO’s to keep me occupied. I work full time and while I am a membe…


Membro desconhecido
08 de abr. de 2020

Love your down to earth, friendly videos. Thank you for sharing.


Karen, I have been reviewing your Videos and blog posts. They are all so ‘real’ as one person already said. I think that when we evaluate each project’s costs, the most inaccurate one ends up being the time it will take. I’ve started using a timer set for 45 minutes. This ensures that I’ll get up and move, stretch, etc within each hour of sewing. I am more of a ‘marathon’ type person, so doing this has really helped me take breaks to keep myself moving. It also helps me to document in my ‘project journal’ just how much time each step has taken. I record all of my time on my longarm machine by snapping a photo when loadi…


Membro desconhecido
01 de set. de 2019

I’m so glad I found you. I love how you keep it real. Due to medical issues I have been unable to sew since the end of January. I cannot wait to get started again. I still have a few more weeks but hopefully by the end of September I’ll be sewing again. In the meanwhile I’ve been enjoyI gotta your videos and blog.


Yes, journaling. I don’t know where to begin. Thanks!!

I love your videos. They are sooo real! I love the make-up. And the no-make-up!! And the wind-blown hair and the dress-for-a-walk-with-the-dog-in-the-freezing-cold, and the “all-dressed-up.” And the ironing board assembly (and all that it involved— do you know how brave you are?)

I like that you are practical. (Look through your fabric— all of it; become familiar with what you have... how many... em... decades will it take to use what you’ve already got? Get rid of fabric you don’t like!) I like how you show your sewing mistakes. Makes me feel “real,” too! 😁 What a cool, fresh breeze wafted through my room as I watched your videos this morning.

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