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Rest and Reset: Applying my SewJo Techniques to Everyday Life

If you had asked me two weeks ago how things were, I would have said wonderful! My oldest son was now healthy, my Youtube channel was doing well, and COVID appeared to be under control.

But then my mechanic told me it was time to buy a new car. And my son moved out. And I launched another series on my Youtube channel. (If you haven't seen Karen's Quilt Circle yet, here's the link.) And suddenly I just had too many balls in the air... And life ground to a stop.

I've been here before. I've even done a Youtube video about it. "Where's my SewJo?" So I followed my own advice and went back to the basics.

  1. Get More Sleep. It's easier said than done. I find it so easy to get lost online or on Netflix. Recently, I'm trying to get in the habit of taking a nap in the afternoon.

  2. Exercise. I'm trying to get my walk in every day. I have lost some of my strength and need to figure out how to get it back without a gym/trainer to go back to.

  3. Connect with friends. This has been good for the soul. Not being able to hug or touch others is still very hard. But their laughter and support is terrific.

  4. Try simple projects. I have simple projects ready to go like this simple charm pack quilt ( see photo below). I'm able to get in and out in a couple of hours.

  5. Get creative. Luckily I had previously signed up for the TMQG workshop 'Speed Date with Improv'' with Krista Hennebury from @poppyprint. I could just feel my brain relax as I went through the exercises.(see photo below) It was a great zoom workshop, and recommend it if your guild is looking for programming for next year.

  6. Get Help. I also realized that I need help with my channel. I have run out of hours in the day. I have Brandy, who helps me with my incoming mail and copyediting, and I also have my good friend Laura who helps me stay on task. And my cousin Taylor does the tech behind the scenes for my Q&A's and videos. Soon I will be working with a video editor to see if my load can be lightened. It's a bit tricky to organize, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll work out as editing takes so much time and I want to stop having to work through the night to meet deadlines.

So I now feel strong enough to get back on track. I started recording yesterday and hope to have a new video ready for you Friday...or Saturday :)

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