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Saying Yes: My Full Summer of Family, Friends, and Fabric Scraps

When the COVID vaccine was available to me last spring, we had been in lockdown for the better part of a year. We had had a brief opening in September 2020 but that quickly disappeared into the second wave. And I think I had one outing just before the 3rd.

I decided that as long as my family got the vaccine, whenever they needed help or wanted quality time, I would say YES. Forget that I had seen them the day before or I needed to work on a video, family was coming first. This summer has been busy between the grand dog sitting, helping with new ventures, moving homes, and plenty of family dinners.

Enjoying my family as adults is so much fun. And I am grateful that I have both my parents to share in this stage too.

I have said YES to many of my friends as well. Last week had my a friend come over to use the longarm. And this weekend I am spending it with two of my favourite people, both called Susan. In the past, we have spent these weekends furiously making baby quilts for a local charity, but this weekend we're just kicking back. I’ve brought my crumbs, my #100days100blocks and my big bag of baby fabric. It will be interesting to see what I manage to actually do. I have taken my sewing on the go and I am pleased to say it has worked out perfectly.

As summer ends, it hasn’t been my most productive season. But it has given me time to sit back and take stock…and plan ahead.

If you haven't already, check out my latest Karen's Quilt Circle interview with John @ Art East Quilting Co. In a previous blog, I mentioned his class on pet portraits, and I have been hooked on him and his quirky and wonderful quilts ever since. Our conversation is perfect to listen to while working on your FPP projects, so if you haven't already, click the thumbnail below to watch now.

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