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Best Laid Plans

So last week, after I made my bucket list for the end of 2018, part of me was wondering how I got so behind on some of my projects. How did a quilt that I thought would be finished at the end of July still lie in its project bag in the middle of November threatening to become a UFO for 2019.

Then my daughter called. My daughter (26) has been living on her own for many years. And lets just say keeping in touch is not her forte. She told me that she was sick with tonsillitis so bad that her family doctor had told her to get to the hospital.

It was an exhausting two days of hospitals and doctors…thank-you to the staff of Toronto General. She was in pain and pale but not dying. She then moved back home for the week to recover. Food in the cupboard and a big screen TV might have been part of the appeal.

And here I am seven days later wondering how projects get delayed. [sigh]

So I put my pedal to the metal and finished off my Project #2 the rope bag. And I must say I am pretty chuffed at the results.

I have made several bowls and trays out of the rope but this is my first larger scale project. It took 200 feet of clothes line rope and about 1000 yards of thread.

I have used a variegated thread. My first thread ran out midway. The replacement thread wasn’t quite the same but I do like the two tone effect.

The foundation was 10” long. I wrapped the rope around this until the base was 14” long. Once I made the base, I kept the walls straight. My handles lie flat.

With Christmas coming up, I might consider making another as a gift.

So here’s on to the next project.

P.S. Before posting this I did manage to finish the backs on two projects...just get it done :)

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