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February Woes and QuiltCon 2021

February has always been a month that I could do without. The days are short and cold. The worst part about February — my hair. From the dry air to the necessity of wearing a hat outside, my hair no longer plays nice. So you can imagine, a February in lockdown does not make it any better.

You have watched my hair turn grey; now it is probably the longest it has been in years. I usually just shake my hair and let it dry naturally. But recently, I've been taking 15 minutes in the morning to blow dry in hopes of getting it to behave. But more than that, when I look in the mirror, I don't see myself. And it begins to wear on me.

Though I might consider letting my husband or my youngest cut my hair, we come out of lockdown in a couple of weeks. I think I can hang in there until then and get the first hair appointment possible. I know... first-world problems.

In an alternate reality, I would be at QuiltCon with my TMQG buddies. In the past, a group of us has rented a home in the hosting city. We would attend a wonderful week of quilting lectures, workshops and, most importantly, the show. In between events, we sightsee, try different restaurants and meet up with old friends.

QuiltCon 2017

QuiltCon 2019

This year it was held online. I thought the MQG did an excellent job. I had 5 lectures booked and virtually toured the quilt show. Despite not being there in person, I found it just as inspiring as past QuiltCons. And almost as tiring.

Monday arrived, and I found myself needing a rest and reset week. My filming schedule had been punishing since the New Year. And I also needed to deeply think about my quilting where I want it to go. I am coming to the end of some big projects. So what is next? I got out my sketchbook and reviewed some ideas, and made some decisions.

I also took the stitch ripper to a couple of WIPS. I participated in the MQG swap and received a spectacular quilt from Sarah Lefebrve @sidestitchesdesign. It is so fabulous and creative. The piecing precise, the quilting dense and aligned. And I realized that I have been playing it safe for a while, and it's time to take a couple of chances.

So I am looking forward to March. Getting out and finding me again.

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You will love not having to worry about hair colour. I went grey many years ago when the dye would not 'take' on my hair and it got tired of paying a lot of money to try differnt formulas. I now use a silver shampoo which takes away the dull look of grey hair and makes it shine. Here in Australia we have not had so many restrictions as the rest of the world but I do enjoy seeing your videos and have mentioned your channel to many people who are looking for great quilting ideas. Keep smiling.


I love the way your hair has greyed. Very distinguished. Never forget that you earned every one of those greys and celebrate them. As my budget tightened some years back, I decided hair colouring was something I could do without. It's actually something of a relief not to worry about 'roots'


I just saw a post from a friend in Peterborough that she went into Costco without having to line up: life is returning! You may be facing first world problems but they are personal so they are important. Take time for you, and we'll patiently wait for your next post. I'm fortunate to live in Abu Dhabi and after a year of restrictions I was finally able to visit Dubai and a quilt store! New fabric, thread, notions and a refresh of my motivation 😁


Hi Karen, Every sympathy for the absence of.a competent hair dresser.

Our guys are also suffering with the untrimmed beards and flowing locks,

reminiscent of the barbarian pirates. Encore thanks Jean in Kent, UK


I understand the hair thing. I've really enjoyed all your videos and chats. I'm still working on decluttering in my sewing spaces and the rest of the house too. Thanks for all you do! 🥰

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