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Finding a New Rhythm

The past 18 months have been one continuous study of how to "fit it all in". Retiring, caring for my son, COVID lockdowns 1, 2 & 3 and the growth of my YouTube channel have all been extraordinary events and mostly out of my control. But the addition of the puppy was all me.

It’s been 6 weeks since Mando moved into our home. And there have been many moments when I’ve wondered what the heck have I done. Right from Day 1, my routine changed. Between the midnight bathroom breaks, puppy-proofing, all the extra walks, and all the attention he needs, sometimes I feel in over my head!

He is a wonderful pup. So joyful to see everyone and especially every dog. We’ve had a couple of weeks of beautiful weather so our daily walks are out in the community and he loves to walk. Though we are still in lockdown, we can be on the trails as long as we keep our distance. This has been great for our mental health as we see old friends and meet new ones.

My new problem is how to fit in my quilting and YouTube channel. Because, it’s not about having the time, it’s also about the quality of that time when I have it. So often in the past weeks, I find myself napping instead of sewing as I can’t keep my eyes open. And many times it’s time to work and my brain can’t pull it all together. It’s parenthood all over again.

So I’m rejigging my schedule yet again. I must be more disciplined about my sleep schedule. Often I'm tempted to spend a moment on social media catching up but that can turn into 2 hours that I can’t get back. I’m also getting up early, before the pup, so that I can get in my 30 minutes of ‘sewing for me’. Quilting is so good for me and my day is so much better if I get this guilt-free time in.

I made the decision to join Gnome Angel's #100days100blocks this year. This will work well in my goal of having short bursts of quilting. I also have to deal with my 2018 #100days100blocks, but that's for another day, (and another video).

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Hello Karen. Can you please tell me how you purchased your book for Gnome Angel 100 Blocks 100 Days. I was unsure about where the book would be shipped from, so I procrastinated joining in this sew along. I do not wish to purchase the pdf and would prefer a hard copy.


Unknown member
Jul 09, 2021

Such a cute puppy, and also a great reminder. We have a new puppy in our family also. 4 weeks in and I'm craving a better routine!


I am at the other end of the spectrum as my beloved "Scout" has many problems due to age he is 12. His medication schedule has me up at 11 PM and then he is ready to go out at 2:30 AM and wants to stay with me until 5 AM. I have found naps are a good thing. Enjoy the pup, he will grow and learn the ways of the house.

Stress and worry are not be be invited in; easier said than done. Post when you are able. As a loyal subscriber I find myself rewatching many of your videos for inspiration, insight and just plain knowledge.

Take care


Unknown member
Jun 18, 2021

May I suggest fellow YouTube 'er Zac George for puppy training? I found his training effective and quick for my sister dogs. Now almost 5, they are obedient and loving family members. Those puppy nights don't last long, and my sleep recovered. Keep yourself happy, and we Love your content. So post what you feel compelled to create. Enjoy the process, because creating Joy is critical in these wacky times. Best wishes.



We added a rescue about the time Mando came to your house. Couple that with an older dog who thinks we need up as the sun comes up (that is around 4:15 am in Arizona!), napping has been on the agenda often here too! I can't wait for the summer solstice so the nights start getting longer!

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