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My Blue Bag is Empty... Now What?

Last week I finally finished my 4th of July Quilt. As I was knotting the last stitch, I truly felt like I was crossing the finish line in some epic Ultra Marathon. But now that it’s done and on my bed, I’m left thinking

“What Now”?

I like to be a do-er. If I don’t have a goal, I can be pretty aimless and waste a surprising amount of time on the unimportant. So checklists and my 30-minute timer are my best friends, keeping me on track and away from the squirrels. Ironically, my next oldest UFO is an actual squirrel. The pattern is called Hazelnut by Laura Heine. But I am not rushing to get it out just yet.

Something that decluttering my sewing room has brought me is space. Space to sew, with everything in its spot. And most importantly, space in my head for me to think, plan and design. Instead of getting another quilt on the go, I’m taking a few weeks to tidy up, tackle Mt Scrapmore, finish up some fast quilts and plan a couple more.

I am also working on my #100days100blocks and having so much fun. I’m using my Tula Pink fabrics that I have hoarded collected through the years and it feels weird to be cutting into the good stuff. It’s like I need permission to use them. It’s amazing to see all the colour and fabric variations online.

Next week on Tuesday, July 20th, 6:00 pm EST Gnome Angel and I will be doing a Live Chat on Youtube. Chatting with Ange is a hoot anytime. We will be comparing notes, fav’s and our different approaches to the blocks. And for those that still want to jump on board or those who have to leave the challenge early, Ange shows us the alternate layouts for 80 and 20 blocks. You don’t want to miss it so set your timer.

I also have a video 8 tips for a Better Sampler Quilt out this week. I have made so many sampler quilts here are some tips that you won't find in the pattern book.

And I am looking at my quilt colours with new eyes. Last week I had The ColourBlind Quilter on Karen’s Quilt Circle and I am amazed how our chat has touched on a subject that has never been talked about with quilts before. So many people have reached out to us in the comments, on social media and personally, sharing your challenges and those of family members. Tom has prepared an excellent handout with colour palettes and various colour harmonies that will work for various types of colour vision deficiencies. So be sure to go to his website and download it.

I'm off to spend a week with my parents next week. My first overnight visit in so long. I'm hoping I still have the social skills to do it. I'm hoping to return after a week in the country with my brain full of new ideas, new stashbuster plans and video ideas. Stay tuned.

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7 komentarzy

Your Firecracker quilt is absolutely a treasure!! I think about all of your life that has gone into each stitch: being a novice, becoming experienced; life during your son's illness & joy of his recovery; and finally the accomplishment of the last stitch! BRAVO !!


You always inspire, Karen! Have a fabulous visit with your folks, I'm sure they're excited beyond words. Safe travels.


Sew It All Away
Sew It All Away
16 lip 2021

I am blown away by your firecracker quilt! It's a true work of art! I think it is so very beautiful! The colors are so vibrant, like you can almost hear them applauding you. I'm going to go watch the video and marvel at your craftsmanship. I want to be just like you someday, but since I only started quilting 2 years ago, and I'm already 64, I might have to be satisfied with just being me. I'll keep trying though! Thank you so much for all you do!

Sew It All Away
Sew It All Away
17 lip 2021
Odpowiada osobie:

So far I've only made quilts to give away too, but I just decided that since I dont own even one quilt, that I'm going to make one for myself now. Not too complicated, just colorful pinwheels. But as I'm making it I'm thinking my daughter would love this on her bed......


I’ve used several of your tips on organizing a sewing area. I no longer have a dedicated room and use my dining area. A couple of weeks ago I traded my 830 embroidery machine for a 770 QE. I couldn’t lift the other one off and on the table. I decided it was cheaper than moving to a larger place to have a sewing room… I’m loving my new machine.

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