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Slow Sewing in September

The days are getting shorter, the nights chillier and life is getting busier. It almost feels like a normal pre-COVID September, except that we all wear a mask. It has been a summer of reconnecting with family members and friends. My bucket is full. Now I need to get back to work.

But with that busyness, I find I reach for my slow sewing projects more. I find these projects are a lot easier to take with me when I sew on the go. But they can also feel like a respite from the packed days. I had the pleasure of interviewing Emma Jones of Vintage Sewing Box Blog and YouTube channel. As she talked about her process, I remembered the joy and solace that slow sewing can bring. So it’s time to bring out and finish my New Hexagon project. I put it aside when Mando arrived but he’s big enough now that I don’t need to worry so much.

I have also brought out my Crumbs and adding-machine tape project. And that is the topic of this week’s video. It is also a meditative project. One that allows your brain to relax as the bits turn into chains that then become the tape. I am finishing my last strips, then I can put it all together.

So, after several months without any finishes, I feel the end-of-year push coming upon me. I started to make baby quilts with some quilting buddies for our local hospital again. It's a great excuse to use my lonely longarm and get back to practicing.

Is it too early to be thinking of 2022? For anyone interested in taking the Alaskan cruise with me next May, we have set up a Facebook Group where the tour operator can answer your questions. You can also join to find a roommate if needed. There will also be a Facebook Q&A about the cruise on Sept 14th.

And on September 21st, Ange and I are meeting up again for another Livestream. Even if you are not participating in #100days100blocks, it's going to be a fun time as we talk about the next steps in the Kinship Fusion Sampler and show off some of our favourite blocks from Instagram.

Finally, have you heard of Karen’s Quilting Crew? It’s my new membership program! For a small monthly fee, not only do you support my channel, you get access to a membership-only Q&A, Behind-the-scenes photos and videos, 15% off my merch, and more. To sign up, just click “JOIN” at the top of my YouTube Channel.

Is it just me or are we snowballing into the holidays? I can't wait to show you some of my finishes.

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Unknown member
Sep 13, 2021

What a creative use of adding tape and teeny, tiny pieces of fabric! Great idea, with really no waste! I’ve always donated my small scraps to a person who makes dog beds, but with covid lockdowns, she is not accepting the scraps. I have two huge bags of scraps, so I may have to try this. I have a small calculator I use all the time, but it takes really small size tape, so will have to go and get some wider ones. This looks fun to try. Thanks!


Sep 11, 2021

Your pupper could not be any cuter!!!!! Aside: I started the slow quilt too. Neckties from 5 generations of "Joe" for my nephew. Wash, open, cut, repeat. Such a jumble of memories. Still need to pick a pattern! Thanks

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