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Squirrels and other Problems

From the beginning, my YouTube channel goal has been making content with value and what my subscribers can take away from it. It can be a challenge to find the value for both beginners and experienced quilters, but I make an effort with every video.

When the value is apparent right from the beginning, it makes creating the video smooth and fluid. But when I can't figure out the value right away, I'll begin to film, hoping like a Hollywood director that I'll find it in the editing room. But unlike Hollywood, I never put out a video where I don't have that core value, and I will spend hours and days wrestling with myself, the edit, and the world until I have something worthy to post.

This was my struggle last week. As it often happens when things get hard, squirrels pop in your head to distract you. Not only the real-life squirrels entertaining me at the bird feeder but the symbolic ones too.

A friend told me about the squirrel concept the other day, and it stuck with me. When a dog sees a squirrel, they get distracted. They stop obeying their owner and start chasing the squirrel. New ideas or unimportant tasks can be a lot like this too. We can be working on something difficult, and then all of a sudden, an idea pops into your head, and you want to chase it rather than focus on the task at hand.

Instead of working on the video, I had so many great ideas flood into my mind. All of a sudden, three new Stashbuster patterns popped into my head. And several other amazing video ideas. Then several of my UFO's also decided that they were so important that I just had to work on them. And surprise surprise... I just had to do housework.

Block Pattern by Violet Craft from Forest Abstractions ...and here is the amazon link if you need it

Eventually, there is no way through the problem but to sit in the chair and deal with it. As often as not, you have to rip out a lot of work before you start again.

I have promised myself...again...that this is the last time I start without a firm, written down, fleshed-out plan.

If you haven't watched this weeks video yet, click on the thumbnail below

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