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Quilts vs Stash

The past month has been both thrilling and challenging. My YouTube channel has grown exponentially…Thank you everyone.

And then there’s the weather. Unrelenting snowstorms have hit Southern Ontario and have caused so many disruptions to my normal schedule. From getting to and from work to cancelling guild meetings. I know it’s winter and I do love the snow…but I just have too much to do right now.

Putting out my next video has been extremely hard. I can’t film outdoors in a snowstorm. And I really feel exhausted from all the extra work caused by the snow. So it’s hard to plan, script, shoot and edit in my SPARE time.

But it’s finally done Quilts vs. Stash – A Balancing Act should be live in the morning. It’s five strategies to try and keep them in equilibrium.

Since my son moved home and into my sewing room, my effort to sew down my stash has had its challenges. For me, it’s about the space. And I’ve had to become very focused on finishing UFO’s. Despite my best efforts, my projects do not appear to be reducing in numbers. It’s like they make babies while I’m asleep.

In my research for this video, I have come across some fabric stashes that are larger than the inventory in my local quilt store. And though part of me wants that too, I now realize that I cannot have all the fabric in the world. There are too many fabric manufacturers with too many designers with too many wonderful fabric lines for me to keep up. I need to become very choosy going forward.

And most importantly, I can’t take it with me. At least three times a year I have a friend call me up wondering what to do with the boxes and containers of old fabrics left behind when their mother or aunt passed away. Money wasted as most of it just go into the dumpster.

And the last bit of complication in my life is my internet provider. For whatever reason, they are doing testing on the lines and my internet speed has been absolute crap for the past four days. I have done my draw for the fabrics but I cannot upload and download at the same time.

So the fabric winners will be announced tomorrow.

Happy Sewing.

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