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Decluttering in February

We are three weeks past the Declutter Challenge and I still cannot believe the changes in my space. As I walk into my sewing room each morning, the light streaming through the window on my clear surfaces fills me with so much positive energy for the coming day.

But I am still not completely done. I am working on my UFO’s. I have given myself to the end of February to get as many finished as possible. Then I need to start on some new ideas.

I'm also digging into my fabric. It’s a bigger job than expected, so of course, taking more time than I had planned. Totalling up my stash is hard when I find a new bundle in another spot almost every other day.

It’s amazing how much you can declutter once you get going.

I have decided that for a household of 3 and an extended family of 14, we do not need 15 extra additional cutlery sets. Nor 15 extension cords. And I am about to deal with all the wrapping paper. Wish me luck.

I have toys for 8-year-olds, that I thought were valuable, but after some research, turns out they are not. I thought at least one of my three dozen Starbucks cards were collectable but I was wrong on that point too. I have 5 old cushions I was saving to make a dog bed out of. I’ll put that one on the project list with a deadline.

In the past, I have experienced a lot of pushback from my husband, but it's funny that right now he’s okay with letting go 90% of the stuff that I have declared excess.

The next step is finding a good home for all the decluttered items. It's harder than it looks. Some I want to sell but most I will just donate. However, It takes time to take photos, then send the emails, reply to the emails etc. I could just drop it off at the local thrift store but I would prefer to find someone in my guild or community to have them.

I am definitely feeling more like myself lately. I’m sure it’s all the fresh air but it could be those extra minutes of sunlight we have every day now. It will be spring before we know it.

Until then, Toronto is still thigh deep in snow. The cold temperatures keep so many inside but for Mando and I, it’s three walks a day, rain or shine or snow.

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